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Xnxx chat 2013

When the movie started again, I could feel that my FIL was leaning on me and there was no gap between us.

We all were watching the movie when I felt that my FIL took my hand in his and was watching the movie.My heart beat started to beat very fast and I guess he observed it.He left my hand and during interval, Ankur went to get us soft drinks.Again, my FIl put his palm on mine and we were chatting about the movie.So, we decided to live with his Dad (his mother passed away an year before our wedding)for a couple of weeks before Ankur’s journey to the US.On our arrival, Ankur’s dad gave both of us a very warm hug ( a little too hard I felt)but I did not discuss it with Ankur as I felt he may not feel good about it.

One day, Ankur said that we shall all go to watch a movie and we all went.

Since men were sitting on either side of our seats, Ankur’s dad said that I should sit in between them so that I would be safe.

I am married to Ankur who works for an MNC in Hyderabad.

He is working as an assistant manager-Opeations and earns pretty well.

Infact Ankur’s family comes from a well t do family who live in Mumbai.

After our marriage, Ankur had an assignment to go to US to migrate another process to his section.

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