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Xilinx rtl schematic not updating

Having completed your Verilog coding the next step which you all know is to simulate it and verify if the design is working fine.Up to this point in the flow of design process we are still in the software part of coding.

To put it in simple terms synthesis implies the hardware equivalent of your written Verilog code.The Verilog code for D flip flop is given below The objective is not to analyze the code now but to check how the code is mapped to hardware.You can copy this code from here & work in parallel as I take you through the RTL coding.Okie , now change the mode of Xilinx from simulation to implementation mode.There are inbuilt synthesis tool which are part of Xilinx & the one which is used is the tool.The job of the synthesis tool is to read the code written in Verilog/hdl and with the aid of the library files it has to convert this code to a hardware description netlist. Xst tool is quite user friendly to use & it produces the synthesized design just by a few clicks.

But one thing is always true, the easier it looks the more complex program is running behind.

J we will start now with the Xilinx RTL coding by considering a simple code(D flip flop) and lets try to create both the technology schematic and RTL schematic for it.

It was simulating well and giving output correct after Simulation.

Now i did synthesis, the RTL schematic after synthesis showing some green and red box.

I have been posting about the Verilog coding since a month & just to add to it will deal with the RTL coding today for your design.

:) This post is to completely understand and analyze the RTL code which includes the.

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