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Who is ralph tresvant dating

Anyway, aside from the fact that they dated, which is interesting in and of itself, Bobby’s reaction to the whole thing is quite revealing as well.

Looking back, there were always certain incidents in his life that propelled his drug use.He reflects, ‘Watching my sister’s fiancé get killed definitely caused my drug use to escalate.I can recall that I started drinking heavily when Janet Jackson and I broke up.Before I met Janet, I would never drink hard liquor, I only drank beer.But after our break up, I started drinking hard liquor excessively. Not to say we were head-over-heels in love, but she was someone I had a lot of feelings for.” He also talked about never using cocaine until he met Whitney.All of Bobby’s reference points for escalating drug use are tied to women in his life.

He might have been close to his sister’s fiancé but I’m sure it was seeing her deal with that loss and empathizing with her pain that drove him to substances.

Janet broke his heart and crushed his ego so he started drinking.

Last night, Twitter put me on to some new information…or some old information that was new to me.

This account, Throwback hits/facts (@goldenerahits) informed me that Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson were an item in the mid eighties.

It all happened with Bobby declaring his love…or infatuation for Janet on BET’s “Video Soul.” When host Donnie Simpspon asked Bobby about his love life, he said, “I’m in love with Janet Jackson.” “I really fell for Ms. I never usually fall for women that fast, but she was an exception. He told her that he loved her and wanted her to leave the man she was with but according to Bobby, she broke up with him because her parents didn’t want her with a Black man. That’s pretty ridiculous, considering Janet and her family members are Black.

Maybe it had something to do with my childhood crush; or maybe it was because she was one of the finest and most sought after women in the world at the time. But considering the Jackson family and their dating history, I really shouldn’t be surprised.

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