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Updating information about audio unit plug ins

This article describes how to troubleshoot plugins.

If you find that disabling a plugin fixes your problem, continue following the steps in this article.DUNE 2 is a powerful polyphonic synthesizer that combines VA/subtractive, Wavetable and FM synthesis with an extensive modulation system, named the Differential Unison Engine (DUNE).A unique feature of DUNE 2 is the ability to synthesize a very high... This plugin combines the High Velocity web framework for java and Scala (Play Framework) with the Smarter way to code (Net Beans) to increase developer productivity. THIS ONE HAS BEEN DEPRECATED AND IT SHOULDN'T BE USED ANYMORE. Displays a menu item for each file path part (all parent directories and the file itself) and several useful actions are provided like Open/Explore In System, Copy File Path, Copy Qualified Name, Select In Projects/Files. JRebel is a productivity tool that allows developers to reload code changes instantly. Hyperlink navigation and code completion for filter and action function.After installing your VST/Audio Units plug-in, please select your operating system below to run your plug-in in Finale or Print Music.i Zotope is happy to provide professional technical support via email to all registered users, absolutely free of charge.

We also offer valuable pre-sales support to customers who may be interested in purchasing an i Zotope product.

View our full Support Policy Before contacting us, we recommend searching our Knowledgebase to see if the answer to your question has already been published.

Many problems with plugins can be solved by updating to the latest version of the plugin.

To check if any of your installed plugins are out of date, visit Mozilla's Plugin Check & Updates page.

If updating to the newest version of the plugin or reinstalling it does not fix the problem, you can leave it disabled.

Both Finale and Print Music have the ability to utilize any 3rd party VST or Audio Units plug-in.

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