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Uniformedating com

Here, he says, women expect attention, free drinks, and ego validation with the option to brush the guy off.

Embittered by their experiences, a few have made businesses out of their hate-on for women and encourage other men to channel their anger and treat women as non-humans; commodities to be consumed -- but without taking stock in themselves.Though still feeding the feminine obsession, not all of these kinds of sites are about female manipulation.I came across a site that encourages men to examine who are before attempting to approach women (what a concept! The Attraction Institute says that men can still be free, still be themselves, and meet women who like men for who they really are, instead of pretending to be someone else worried about whether or not the thin façade can be maintained.Sounds more realistic but sites like these are few and far between.The more well-known "pickup artists" include Julian Blanc, known to Emma Teitel in as a "sophomoric ass" who incites violence against women in his teachings to awkward men to get them laid.Then there is Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW, an online men's community that supports "a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else." I was delighted to find this site until I read further and found that what began as masculine empowerment quickly turned vile.

The founder, known as Sandman, sits safely behind his computer screen and proclaims his bitter, indiscriminate hate towards women, according to his videos I've watched.

Sandman says that all women are manipulative whores and liars; he slut-shames, fat-shames, and age-shames women, and ironically complains about being single.

S., one of my clients who prefers to remain unnamed, is a well-dressed, successful 40-year-old financial professional who owns his own house and car.

In less than two years, he's worked hard with a personal trainer and lost 70 pounds.

One might think he'd have luck with women with all of these things going for him but after a year of clubbing, he's still single and still looking.

On weekends, he goes to downtown clubs in the hopes of meeting women.

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