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Today, they total about 45,000 members living in more than 400 colonies.They are the oldest family communal group in the Western world, but they consider the community to be more important than the family.

One of their original basic tenets was that believing Hutterites must separate from nonbelieving spouses (Huntington 1997).Please see Disclaimer & Usage for information about using content on this website.The Hutterites are an Anabaptist group, along with the Amish and the Mennonites.Jacob Hutter founded the religion in central Europe in the middle 1500s.The official name of the religion is the Hutterian Brethren.Time to check in with an old friend: Jason Hope—the Arizona entrepreneur whose $500,000 Christmas party made him the "Party King of Scottsdale" and ignited fake-baked nightlife warfare—is getting sued.

Verizon Wireless has launched a legal battle against 26 people and companies they say are fleecing consumers with…After hearing about Jason Hope's "amazing, star-studded" $500,000 Christmas party, we declared him Party King of Scottsdale. He recently made headlines for throwing a $500,000 Christmas party featuring Ludacris ($100,000 performance fee) and Snooki ($17,500 appearance fee).

But wait—isn't Dan Quayle's airhead sex blogger of a son from Scottsdale?

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Continually persecuted, many Hutterites moved to Russia in 1770 where they were promised tolerance of their beliefs and practices.

This lasted for about a century before the czars forced them into the national schools and the military.

Between 18, all 800 surviving Hutterites immigrated to the United States.

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