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Rihanna adam levine dating

After two years together, the über-sexy singer and his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend Anna Vyalitsyna have amicably parted ways.No doubt, with one of the hottest bods in the biz and moves like Jagger to match, we're guessing the the sweet tunes these two could make? But if you're not fond of the rock star pairing, perhaps Adam should go the model route since, ya know, that seemed to work pretty well.

Trust, Naya's got that bitchy 'tude to keep Adam in check and rumors are always swirling as to who the babe's really dating.Plus, did you Naya's moves in the "Smooth Criminal" number?Yeah, we think this pair would look pretty damn smooth together.Of course, we had to add a nice girl to the mix to tame this notorious bad boy. Since the Swebow (Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow) pairing's probably not going to happen, we think Tay-Tay would be fab with Mr. Not only are the two superstars at the top of their careers, but T.Swift knows how to handle heartbreakers—girl did date John Mayer.And that's me," he explained to "One of my theories on why I'm so capable of understanding women is that after my parents split, my mom moved in with her brother's ex-wife—my aunt—who was also newly single," he explained. The singer was reportedly "blindsided" by his split with his girlfriend of two years, Victoria's Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna, in April.

"So I was living in a house with two jilted women, plus my cousin, who's more like my sister, and my brother, Michael, who we eventually find out is gay. "Publicizing a relationship is dicey to me," he says.

"I don't think any relationship responds well to pressure. Why not keep this beautiful island of distraction to ourselves?

After his band, Maroon 5, hit it big with their 2002 album, "Songs About Jane," and embarked on a three-year tour singing smash songs "This Love" and "She Will Be Loved" to sold-out crowds, Levine returned to his native Los Angeles, where he was rumored to have hooked up with Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan, Maria Sharapova and Paris Hilton, to name a few.

And there was a time when he didn't shy away from talking about his love life.

In 2007, the singer told radio host Howard Stern that he met his then-girlfriend -- a cocktail waitress named Rebecca Ginos -- on her 21st birthday and bragged, "We had sex the first night we met." "I've always felt a little misrepresented in the world," he explained to the magazine. I was the dude that was naked all the time with girls, and that's fine, no problem with that. When ['The Voice'] came around, I thought, 'People now know that I have a brain.'""There are two kinds of men.

"I felt like people only knew me as a singer who dated pretty girls. There are men who are f**king misogynist pigs, and then there are men who really love women, who think they're the most amazing people in the world. You know when you're 14 and terrified to talk to a girl? It seemed very natural to me to talk to girls."Though Levine has no problem attracting girls, he still hasn't found the right one.

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