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Philippine women dating scams

I don't want to sound totally negative (I'm not) but I felt compelled to write this in an attempt to help others avoid the traps and pitfalls that await the unwary regarding marriage with much younger women from overseas countries.If you're considering marrying any young Asian girl from a Third World country, this is what you should look out for, can expect, what they are really after in marriage and it often sure ain't love!!

I don't know how immigration or domestic violence laws works in other countries so I can't comment there.) after less than 5 minutes of excruciating chat because their English is either so bad or they have no interests beyond singing / dancing.So many of them were stunningly gorgeous – as in seriously beautiful but... At this point, what they say about themselves in their profiles should offer some guide relating to the level of their English, education, sophistication, sincerity, and what they're really "looking for" in a guy.The other thing to watch out for is this: after meeting and / or corresponding with your dream girl, if she starts asking for money for expensive gifts such as computers, financing college fees, little black dresses, chocolates, hospital fees or so on - other than reasonable requests such as financing costly mobile phone or Internet load or net-caf fees so you can stay in touch (you can hardly expect her to bear the burden of meeting these costs), drop her like a hot potato.Your website is excellent: if only I'd read your site years ago....It might have saved me from the worst hurt of my life earlier this year as well as a great deal of money.

(So far I've only touched the tip of the iceberg, regarding reading all your material there but be sure that I'll spend lots more time there between now and Christmas!

)I am writing this as a cautionary tale mainly for Australian blokes (although it can apply to men from any wealthy Western country) in the hope that it might help anybody reading this to avoid the heartbreaking (and very expensive) experience that I've just endured with my ex-wife who is now living with a much wealthier man following her months-long affair with him.

Many Filipino (and Vietnamese, Thai or Russian) girls advertise themselves on the Internet on sites such as A Foreign Affair, Filipina Hearts or Cherry Blossoms for friendship / husbands.

Other popular methods of meeting men are Friendster, Facebook or My Space pages.

International Yahoo Messenger chatrooms are another form of meeting people.

I've been a member at Cherry Blossoms and Filipina Hearts before and I've had girls asking me to visit them and saying they think about / miss / love me already (or all three!!

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