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Paladin online dating

You may ask yourself, "Why in this day and age of the Internet is this necessary? Let's say you scour through resume after resume when you finally find a gem within the mountain of candidates.

As an example, judging by its website, ​Altman Research wouldn't be a bad company to have on a résumé.With offices in ​a beautiful skyscraper overlooking Chicago's Millennium Park, the financial research firm says its ​executives have degrees from an impressive array of Ivy League universities.In reality, though, it's probably not a great place to look for a job, for one simple reason: Altman Research doesn't actually exist.Its website was created by Career Excuse, a service which, for a fee, provides job-seeking customers with verifiable references from nonexistent companies.While the companies have phone numbers, websites and mailboxes manned by Career Excuse, they don't conduct any actual business besides verifying the great work done by employees they've never really hired.For a fee, Career Excuse essentially turns the hiring process into an alternate reality game, with prospective employers as the unwitting players.

William Schmidt, the creator of Career Excuse, and his staff will verify false work histories and describe their customers' strengths in the workplace.

They route calls through cloud-based phone tree systems that let Career Excuse customers even listen in on voicemails from their potential employers.

Frank, a United States Vice President Vetter who needed some investigative assistance.

(SBI), I was contacted by New York attorney Theodore H.

We refer to these as "Scorch the earth backgrounds" because at this level of due diligence, we leave no stone unturned.

We don't cut corners or use only online database searches, and we hit the ground running. We verify facts in person, not just over the telephone.

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