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Out for lunch dating

The two women in charge are not even qualified to run a Mc Donald's, much less an international company.Hence the multi million dollar lawsuits, ever revolving door and high school dropouts they hire as "matchmakers" in their call center in Florida.

No job is easy, that's why it's work, but you are surrounded by an incredible team, beautiful offices, and fabulous incentives.There is room for growth if you take the initiative. Not only do we change people's lives, but we have the opportunity to make a ton of money while doing it! I think the people that complain about IJL probably don't have the right attitude and aren't utilizing all the tools that are given to us (management goes above and beyond), in order to be successful. It's exciting to see the company grow and I look forward to the future.The monthly incentives have been such a fun touch and you provide us with so many great opportunities.Cons This company has the worst business ethics and practices I have ever seen. I've worked with this company for almost 3 years and it's been exciting and an honor to watch it grow.The pay is incredibly competitive, if you work hard.

Really fun environment, you are given all the tools and training to be successful if you want to be.

Upper management deeply cares about your experience, and you feel like your ideas are being heard even as we grow.

Do yourself a favor and do not buy the positive reviews on here, as they are all fake (I know because long ago, they tried to get me to write one too).

They do not hire professional matchmakers, rather anyone desperate enough to take an $8.50 an hour job.

They lie in the interviews and promise 70k plus, when you would be lucky to make $20.

That is, before they fire you after 4 weeks for not being able to sell an over priced service, with the worst script known to man.

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