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Online dating valentines day ideas

When you want to get something for Valentine's Day that doesn't cost a lot of money, yet still shows you care and didn't forget, a gift in the under $100 range works well.Mind you, the only criteria can't merely be the cost; you'll also want to keep his or her tastes, interests and passions in mind.

So with that in mind, here are a host of gift ideas that I've culled for men and women of all sexual orientations, specifically with a long term relationship in mind.Some couples I know make this a yearly event event either on their anniversary or for Valentine's Day.Okay, so it's probably not that secret if you know about it, but you probably should if you've been dating for a while now.Rack your brain for a bit and think of something your partner has admitted to loving.Depending on where you live, you may have a pottery studio, art gallery, creative writing school, music production company, or other artistic venture nearby.As the costs for creating a piece of art may differ from area to area, you may have to shop around for less expensive options in larger metropolitan areas, or really sleuth out some ideas in less populated locations.

If you're really stumped, call your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of artisans in the area, and then contact them individually to see if they offer classes or private lessons for couples.

Then, create something together (or for your partner without their knowledge, to give to them later) and make sure to personalize it somehow with your relationship details.

Why spend a fortune on chocolates for your sweetie if you can make them yourself for much less money, and in a large variety of styles and flavors?

Many Michael's (crafting megastore in North America) have a chocolate-making section, complete with melting wafers, molds and extra decorations or implements.

Budget for $10-15 for a plastic mold that offers a few different styles, another $10-20 for chocolate (any good quality will do, but make sure to purchase chocolate wafers for melting and not chocolate chips), and a couple of cups you probably already have on hand.

Visit the dollar store to get food-grade bags to wrap your gift in, and you're set!

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