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Older russian women for dating pics

Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians have all very similar origins and social background, ways of life, traditions, and superstitions since they were the same country not so long ago (USSR aka SU, Soviet Union; later - CIS, "Commonwealth of Independent States").

They depict a main protagonist (or heroine) not only to be a kind-hearted, hard-working and fascinating woman who is like Cinderella granted for her moral virtues with the prince and the fortune.We have a lot of firsthand information to share with you ;) We will try to tell you about who they are and who they are not; about famous russian women and their achievements in sports, business, art, literature, politics and history, and even wars; we will show you beautiful girls photos and we will tell you about "ordinary" ladies living out there with their views and customs, hobby activities, and Sense of Humor.We'll show you pictures of Russia - those places where Russian girls born, grow and live - or travel.Please be advised that this is not "dating site" nor "dating personals site" nor "Russian mail order brides sites" in any way.This is not "date single person" nor "free dating online" nor "friendfinder" nor any other sort of "matrimonial" or "marriage" sites either. We only offer information as we know it and show you some pictures. It is no use to distinguish Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus women as they themselves (most of them) do not feel a lot of difference from each other.The fairy tale heroine is a strong partner that supports and often saves the life of the prince.

Our fairy tales encourage patient, courageous, wise, inventive characters that show sacrificial love, lack of materialism, keep faith, have respect to the seniors, have compassion to the weak person and care for animals.

Russian girl from fairy tales is loyal, wise, knowing, brave, compassionate, self-giving, shows unquestionable love.

Russian Facts Stats Customs Religion traditions Holidays Traditions Education Homeschooling Character Mentality Culture Clothing Real Estate Humor Cuisine Icons Emblems Symbols Natural + Man-made wonders.

Words: Tender Useful Alphabet Literature : Anton Chekhov Leo Tolstoy Russian family: Portrait Finance Maternity Health care Conflicts Divorce Russian women and superstitions Russian Women jobs Women of Russia: Info Famous Myths FAQ Truth In war Beauty Beauty Care Russian fashion Hobbies Turining a hobby into business Activities Cars Pets Leisure Holiday Vacations Education Business Travel Shopping Gifts Sports Football in Russia Internet Entertainment Dancing Downshifting A Russian charity Children gender education Stress Harmful habits Older Russian women A Russian dacha Cinema Actresses Wives Russian friends International Marriages What Russian women think of foreign men Dating Writing letters to Anti-scam Misunderstanding Russian history: Events, Leaders Revolution Emigration Art + XX century and later + Architecture The "Enlightened despot" Famous Russian cities Ancient Russian cities Golden ring of Russia Cities of Siberia Major cities of Siberia Towns of Russian Zalesye Hero cities of Russia Russian hotels A life beyond MKAD Dear Sirs! There's been a lot of discussion about girls from Russia on the Internet, and other media, within the past years.

The result became a fancy and weird fusion of some valid information, some half-truth, rumors, dispute, guesswork, guesstimate and divination, misleadings and deliberate lies.

This is why we re-create from the scratch this site.

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