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Office manager dating patients

I think most ODs have a love-hate relationship with holes in their appointment schedule.At their core, doctors know that empty appointment slots hurt the business, but on any given day, especially when life is busy (when isn’t it?

At least, not if you care about employee morale and about preventing turnover.In spite of what seems like common sense to me, I talk with optometrists fairly often who are in the process of implementing a change that takes something away from staff.I talk to doctors quite often about how many patients they see per day.I’m not judgmental about it because there are many factors involved and it is really something each doctor must decide, but my focus on this point led me to an interesting discovery that could help you with your practice goals. Neil Gailmard, contributing editor and member of the Optometric Management Editorial Advisory Board, shares his valuable tricks of the trade in a weekly e-newsletter.Delivered free to your inbox each Wednesday, Management Tip of the Week offers unique and insightful practice management tips from one of the industry's most respected O. Subscribe Now to receive the Management Tip of the Week. I’ve always liked the old carpenter’s adage mentioned in the title above.

With great simplicity, this statement describes the essence of economy and efficiency when doing a job right the first time.

I’ve recently applied this axiom to the optical department in my practice.

If the practice owner does not pay close attention, some staff members will exert gradual influence over their work hours and have a big impact on their total compensation.

With the recent expansion of federal overtime rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), optometrists should be more vigilant about work hours than ever, but even without that, it makes good business sense to control your staff schedules.

In this article, I’ll describe a common way that staff work hours can become out of balance and what you can do about it.

I learned a long time ago a basic principal of human resource management that has served me well: Don’t take anything away from employees that is perceived as a benefit.

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