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Odd bleach dating game

A young Scholar of the land of Utolio is drawn into the battle of a life time.

Who knows, with his discovery of the Gamer System, all possibilities are endless after all. Nevertheless, things will be a whole lot more interesting when she joins Fairy Tail. But someone breaking into his house and waking up with a Game Menu floating above his head is a bit much. His life is changed all because this phenomenon and there was no way of going back, or is there? When Mel woke up in the world of Hunter x Hunter and saw orange letters and numbers flying on top of people's heads, she figured out that her life was screwed up. "just like how gamers play Skyrim on Xbox"Lucy Heartfilia may have thought that her life as a rich heiress was dull and boring but she never asked for it to become a video game. Despite his young age Rueben Valentine was used to the odd things that happened around him. Kusanagi Godou wakes up one day and saw a hovering blue window in front of his very eyes! Naruto with the Gamer power but with The Elder Scrolls v skyrim elements a Dragonborn Naruto that will use Magicka not chakra,will creat his own weapons and learn the voice,alchemy...Well, at least it isn't a game for just one person. Now armed with the Gamer Ability he'll have to learn how to use his ability as he fights alongside a new team in Beacon. (Gamer Fic) (1st chapter suicide warning)After a tragic death a 30 year old man finds himself reborn in the modern world. after all when you can feel the inhuman feeling emanating from certain people wouldn't you be frightened. In a world that is on the edge of developing heroes and villains of extraordinary abilities, one teenage girl awakened a power unlike any other. Little Naru didn't know where the weird floating box shape came from and can honestly say she doesn't give a s**t.Will he survive or will he be one of the Huntsman who die an early death? Who knew that drinking and submerging yourself into the River Styx at the same time had such an interesting effect? Now armed with a new power that seems it came from a video game itself, Percy vows to grow stronger to protect his loved ones. Now with the abilities of 'The Gamer' she must try to master her powers as she makes the choices that will define her to the world. Together with Anko and the Kaa-chan voice in her head, the little blonde will become the strongest ninja and go on many serious and awe inspiring adventures, at least if that Wild Nations perk doesn't get to them first to turn things crazy. gamer Naruto The Perverted young man named Issei Hyoudou stumbles upon his gifts as the Gamer now watch as he claws his way as the Dragon of Domination, Issei Grigori sided is he going to stay Human, become apart of the supernatural.A archive of all the video-game plot-line stories, like Harry Potter Game of the Year Edition, Naruto Ramen Days or Bakudo X Life is a Game. Also, since I can be occasionally offline for a few days, Staff would be apreciated With the powers of Gamer given to him Harry sets out to prove himself to the world of magic by becoming the best he can despite the impossible odds against him! All of this just because one prick wants to have fun. (pairing undecided)A second chance to do good by your life... Especially if you previous chance was unbearable, a second chance is what every person wants.

I have collected more than any other archive focusing on this genre but I can't account for all new stories so please don't hesitate to PM me if you find or write one not among those I have collected. Watch our hero grow in this action filled adventure filled with heart, humor & spectacle. Oh, and if that isn't bad, what's worse is that the World is in the hands of a kid in high school! Persona/The Gamer fanfic A Wolf Faunus used to live a normal life until he began seeing Gamer Stats and Lv's about people around him. This second chance could turn out just as gruesome as your first chance, but there's that glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, you can make something of yourself.

Now if only she could figure out this...'Gamer' thing. Quiet, peaceful, and home to the most confusing fucking murder case in history. With his new powers as The Gamer maybe, he can finally be the hunter he has always dreamed of.

Now as a Tactician to a lost Lord, this girl has big events ahead of her... Percy Jaune has never been the best when it comes to fighting, but he had always been good at video games.

Fem Vali, Ophis (and is Azazel is gonna HIT ISSEIS MOM?

) Slight Opness We all know what luxuries cheat codes can give to a gamer that doesn't feel like playing a game normally. But what would happen if said cheats effected the characters inside the in-game universe?

Rule The World showed his battling qualities as he ploughed through rain-softened conditions to win the Crabbie's Grand National at Aintree this afternoon.

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