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Mr bean dating game

Since it's been off air there have been a resounding number of relationship-based reality outings, but will they ever compare to the matchmaking from our Cilla? This dating game show was narrated by Scott Mills for series 1 and 2, then Sarah Harding took over as presenter for series 3. Contestants literally went on blind dates throughout the series. Plain Jane was an American reality television series that transforms one woman each week. Here are 20 popular dating shows from the weekly warmth of Take Me Out and First Dates to the eye-opening There's Something About Myriam: ITV 1985-2003 What was the premise? There was no fancy holiday for those who did manage to pick each other though.

The guy/girl could hear but not see them, as they chose who to go on a date with. This American reality series saw Internet personality, Tila, search for love. Rarely do viewers see genuine matches, but there is bags of entertainment along the way. Just needs a voice over and a screen for a big reveal. The best moment came when, just before they made their decision, Cilla went to "Our Graham" for a "quick reminder". Channel 4 1998-2001/ ITV2 2007 What was the premise? *Waits for outrage* Channel 4 2001-2002 What was the premise? Naturally she needed a far-fetched reality programme to find a love match. After the big reveal, the couple then went to a (sometimes) glamorous location for their date. MTV's Singled Out started in the US before making its way to the UK, where Sarah Cawood, Marc Crumpton, Richard Blackwood and Tess Daly were hosts. No offence to ITV2 and Holly Willoughby but Streetmate will always be remembered for starting out with Davina Mc Call's adventures on Channel 4. There was an element of randomness to the show and the dates always seemed short and sweet, nothing like the extensive vacations provided by Blind Date. 30 men/women compete for a shot at love with their "Perfect Match". With romance mixing with humour and the odd eccentric guest, Blind Date was an instant hit. Each episode featured a group of 50 men and a group of 50 women competing for a date with one main contestant of the opposite sex. Far too much going on to compare to the class act that was Blind Date. With the presenters running up to singles to sort out dates it was more frantic than romantic. If you got a trip to your local chippy that would be classed as a good date. Friends and family pick the ideal partner to move in with the hopeful. Although we lost Cilla just a few months ago - it's great to think that she was part of a truly memorable slice of ITV's 60 year history. The dating game show aired on Channel 4 from September 18, 2001 to September 4, 2003. Different concept to the ITV show but still used the basic principle of the big reveal. Channel 4 upped the ante in 2015 with Married at First Sight. Sold to many, many countries the format stayed the same. Starting out as a celebrity version with the likes of Calum Best and Paul Danan , those looking for romance were sent to a magical place full of fellow singles to mingle with. And Mrs Wicket is throwing all of his property out after him! Help Mr Bean collect points and help keep his friend Teddy safe by dodging the coloured balloons.

Help Mr Bean Save his things by catching them using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

For those who can't believe Blind Date is celebrating its 30th anniversary TODAY , we're very much the same. The much loved-series has also seen a few celebrities appear thanks to the latest Stand Up To Cancer edition.

Presented by an instantaneously lovable Liverpudlian - the late and great Cilla Black - the ITV dating show ran on Saturday nights from November 30, 1985 to May 31, 2003. Trying to remove superficial aspects of relationships, Plain Jane was a slow burner.

Hopefuls try and win the heart of millionaire/ ideal wealthy partner. Guys meet girl only to find out she was born a he - watch the emotional end above. ITV2 remixed Love Island in 2015, although it was sans celebrities. This dating show - which was also sold around the world - has that age old classic concept. Some of the stars of Blind Date weren't exactly beauties - there were many, many geeks though.

Said star must try and find the person looking for love not money aka a needle in a haystack. The controversial show was all about finding true love... A single girl has to pick a partner from a group of 14 attractive bachelors. Girl meets geek (actually, several girls meet several geeks) in a bid to look past their nerdy ways to find love.

but the contestants couldn't handle the truth after the big reveal. Sky1 took the Blind Date rule book and turned it on its head. There was something about this series that meant it would only be on once. The twist is that an unspecified number of the men are gay.

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