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Kioski dating

Not only can you perform the basic Skout functions, such as finding nearby single folks and sending a flirtatious message to their phone, but you can also buy them a drink or play them a song on the jukebox.The concept is fun enough that people would enjoy trying it out — at least judging from all the snickering conversations about Skout Out that I’ve heard today — but it also allows for a more traditional business model.

(And I swear I didn’t come up with this, but other DEMO attendees pointed out addition money-making possibilities, such as paying a big fee to hide a bar or club from the rest of the network if you don’t want to deal with too much competition.We’ve already written about Skout, a location-based dating application that recently came to the i Phone — but today at the DEMO conference in Palm Springs, it just announced a big addition to its service.That addition is the Skout Out, a kiosk of sorts for location-based dating that features a jukebox and a 42-inch plasma screen.It’s one of the more out-there concepts I’ve seen at DEMO, and I mean that in a good way.At first, it seems silly to add a giant device to a service whose big advantage is mobility — and that silliness is underlined by the fact that Skout Out kind of looks like a giant mobile phone — but after hearing the pitch, I think it could actually function as way to “anchor” Skout in a physical location, as the company claims.Again, .) Of course, as with any social service, the real issue is adoption — but chief executive Christian Wiklund and Business Development Vice President Redg Snodgrass say the Skout Out will “soon” be in 10,000 locations.

The San Francisco company has raised around $1 million in two rounds of angel funding. clip_id=3435206&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1 Skout OUT from Tech Crunch’s Robin Wauters on Vimeo.

Теперь можно перекусить, не заходя в кафе, забрав еду из живописного окна, выходящего в переулок.

Раньше The Burger Brothers работали на городских маркетах, вечеринках и фестивалях еды, а теперь открыли постоянный киоск.

В меню – бургеры, как классические, так и оригинальные, например, с брусничным соусом или свекольной котлетой. По воскресеньям на террасе кафе будут устраиваться вечеринки с грилем и музыкой от друзей диджеев.

Окошко на «Красном Октябре» работает с апреля, зимой попробовать местные бургеры можно в 1-м Тверском-Ямском переулке, 11.

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  1. If they had kept it casual, if they hadn’t already had sex, then most likely, a casual and slow dating pace would have been perfectly fine. She had learned an important lesson: no more (almost) immediate sex with a guy she might actually like. We never had “that conversation” so technically he had done nothing wrong. I let myself go in ways I never had before and it was mind-blowingly amazing.