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Jewdatingsite com

Surprised to discover this network of domains has not been previously discussed.All domains (856) are registered with or authorized entity; i.e.

Here's some more fresh domains sent today that were analyzed by URLQuery - https://urlquery.net/report.php? id=221562 Keep in mind they don't always point to Spark Networks anymore - even though the emails are for "Hot Singles" in the subject, the links above prove you might end up anywhere.Domains I recently found were: click.click.click.click.click.click.click.click.click.click.click.click.click.click.your-farmers-market.2.0.click.All of the URLs you listed in the second entry point to a page that says "not found" or, if prefaced with "www" I get "invalid request" with a single digit in the sourcecode (1).Because of the latter, which I have seen on malware landing pages, I suspect many of these URLs might be used for malware. @Super Hero58 nice find on privacy, but I haven't ever signed up for any of these websites or their affiliates.@G4JC = Hello, at first I was a bit troubled by some of the sites you brought to the forum, I became a member of one of the sites in order to know more about the site At first I did not feel that there was anything wrong with it, until I read the terms and in particular the broad privacy policy Additionally, you agree that we may use and disclose all information submitted to such third parties in the same manner in which we are entitled to use and disclose any other information that you submit to us. They seem to be mass-emailing all yahoo accounts starting with g @ G4JC = Thanks for the information and excellent job I know that you did not sign, is like in my case where I get text messages asking if I want to sell my car for junk, sometimes at two in the morning, I own a decent vehicle and I do not see the reason that would make anyone bug the heck out of me, when my cell and land line are registered as do not call Now that Scott is a character .......................You may be interested and surprised as to who they share the information with, maybe you already know this I feel confident that these sites are conducive to spam and worse as vital personal and private information is at high risk of theft I rated under ethical issues Great catch and best regards Interestingly Zero Margin is a part of Ad Optimizers LLC which was recently a defendant of well-known Scott Richter. I thought that what you do in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas :} I hate spammers Here is a full list of domains, for the first 1000 IP's, some already referenced in this thread, gathered from: AS15170 | .0/20 | Spark Networks Limited - DNS I had rated a few of thse for spam or as I came across them, a few years back.The Click handlers all seem to be from AS46879 Webzero Inc.

you can also browse around on urlquery since others are scanning similar urls on the same ASN.

uses the IP address .71 hosted by Spark networks com ARIN in Beverly Hills CA United States, which also americanssingles.net, and several hundred other use.

I've received around 95 e-mails from Spark Networks through click handlers, as reference here is some of their click banks analyzed for your convenience: We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to reject any request to become an affiliate of ours." ^^ you lie Their network: Adventist Singles Asian Singles BBWPersonals Black Christian Black Canadian Catholic Christian Christian College il Daily Bible Deaf Singles Greek Singles Hurry Indian Matrimonial Interracial Italian Singles il uk Jewish Latin Singles Military Singles Single Parents Silver UKSingles Most of them are already red, having been blacklisted by multiple sources.

If you wish to promote our service through email using our name or branding, you must meet certain criteria and agree to sign our terms and conditions which include, among other terms, an agreement to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Administrative Contact: Networks USA, LLC., Spark [email protected] Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800 Beverly Hills, California 90211 United States +1.3236583000 Fax -- Technical Contact: Networks USA, LLC., Spark [email protected] Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800 Beverly Hills, California 90211 United States +1.3236583000 Fax -- "Spark Networks takes the issue of junk email seriously and is committed to protecting our members.

Although I also noticed spam coming from them, I have reason to believe there is a much larger network as well stemming from the click banks/click handlers.

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