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Inundating you

To inundate means to quickly fill up or overwhelm, just like a flood.

Right before the holidays, toy stores are often inundated with eager parents scrambling to get the latest action figures and video games.For example, Potatoes and sweet potatoes—when harvested conventionally—are inundated with pesticides at three levels.The Neuse was not only inundated with urine and feces, but the nutrient loading from the spill caused an algal bloom of toxic Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s office has been inundated with bibles following her decision to subpoena pastors’ sermons to check for anti-gay rhetoric.British PM inundated by flooding criticism from leaders to the north [The criticism relates to flooded conditions in the north of England.] Get ready to be inundated by tech ads Officers say they are inundated with complaints from internet users complaining about online abuse being directed at them.is “to suffer death by submersion in water.” It is, of course, possible to drown in a liquid other than water.Attempt to read the entire dictionary in one sitting and you'll inundate your mind with vocabulary.

But you probably won't remember any of it tomorrow.

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co.

As a transitive verb, inundate means “to overspread with a flood of water.” It does make sense to add a prepositional phrase if something other than water—or a specific kind of water— is doing the overflowing.

I watched a television drama in which someone drowned in a vat of molten chocolate.

In a literal sense, when a person Some corn and soybean plants were drowned.

Drowned corn crops may hurt farmers, rest of nation The crops in many fields of the neighborhood were drowned by the continuous rains.

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