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Humongous breast dating site

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I would be remiss if I did not write about one of the most challenging issues in my life to date.My struggle with breast cancer is not one I keep secret.

I know this is an issue for many breast cancer survivors.However, I don't know how easily I could introduce my body to someone else in an intimate setting.My friends and family have been wonderful throughout this whole experience and it has made it easier for me to discuss these body issues very openly and honestly with others. Between doctors, friends and family, more people have seen my new (and, might I add, nipple-less) breasts than I ever thought possible.I may have confidence but I'm not in the practice of flashing people, nor am I an exhibitionist.Once the dust settles and you realize that you have survived and you have a new body, it can be very challenging to feel comfortable with your body image.Not only is it a challenge for you, but it can be a particularly frightening thought when you imagine introducing your new body to someone else.

I have always been pretty comfortable with myself (inside and out).

That is not to say that I am exceptional; I just have always been very self-accepting. I adapted to my new body image with a fair amount of ease.

Having spoken to many other women in my situation, it is met with mixed feelings.

On the one hand, you are so grateful just to be alive and to have survived that you feel almost silly to complain about it, yet it is a very real issue.

Many of us are young, single and have our whole lives ahead of us -- dating, sex and love should not be off the table.

Granted, there is a time and a place for everything, but sometimes you just meet someone or want to continue to look for someone special if that was something you were interested in before you got sick.

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