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Gothic dating sydney

Australian residential architectural styles since 1840 have evolved significantly over time, from the early days of structures made from relatively cheap and imported corrugated iron (which can still be seen in the roofing of historic homes) to more sophisticated styles borrowed from other countries, such as the Victorian style from the United Kingdom, the Georgian style from North America and Europe and the Californian bungalow from the United States.

Another aspect of Australian suburbia is that the suburbs tend to have a combination of both upper class and middle class housing in the same neighbourhood.The housing of the people first encountered by Europeans in the Sydney region were simple shelters (commonly known as "Wurlies")constructed of a semicircle of stick, covered with large sheets of bark which could be conveniently stripped off Melaleuca trees which grew profusely along waterways.Other types of simple structures were seen including lean-tos and in tropical regions raised sleeping platforms.Grass, leaves and reeds were used as a thatch where suitable bark was not available.This is less common in the United States of America and England, because most of the homes had been long established well into the 19th century and reflect a similar style in both regions.Home planners and architects in Australia have suggested adapting similar styles of new homes with the surrounding established homes to create a sense of uniformity.

The indigenous people of Australia are traditionally largely nomadic, ranging over an area, depending on the availability of particular foodstuffs that could be gathered at different times of the year.

They managed the land through which they travelled by biennial burning-off which stunted the growth of forests and encourage grassland from which seed crops and kangaroos could be harvested.

In Melbourne, for instance, one early observer noted that "a poor house stands side by side with a good house." In some of the nation's oldest, most prestigious suburbs such as Toorak or Mosman, grand mansions share streets with rows of Victorian worker's terrace houses.

This is somewhat less common today, with home renovations, gentrification and the teardown ("knock down, rebuild") method becoming more and more common in affluent suburbs, giving a broader distinction between wealthy and lower class areas.

However, the teardown technique has led to home buyers purchasing land or older homes in poorer metropolitan areas and building extravagant, kitschy Mc Mansion style homes on the land, which look out of place and excessive, failing to match with the remaining houses in the street.

Because architectural styles have varied in the country over the years (from villas to bungalows and brick renders), there is a slight inconsistency in the architectural flow of the suburban streets, with one writer noting that Australian housing styles tend to "co-mingle" and "co-exist" awkwardly.

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