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Free hot chat with foreign girls

My cock instantly hardened and prepared to break out of my pants.

When you travel a lot, one of the first quandaries you come across is this: Well, if you listen to most of your fellow travelers, you learn the local language. At a time when everyone was advocating memorizing and repeating lines and routines to get girls' attention, Valentine talked about using careful targeting to recognize which women were most interested in , and looking for the same thing you were -- and then leading those who fit the bill decisively toward intimacy.The idea spread through my mind, and rather than going out with the mentality that it seemed all the other guys around me had -- "I can make any girl want me, if I use the right lines / do the right things" -- I took a different tack: I have done, can do, and still sometimes on occasion pull out the old burn-the-club-down approach to meeting girls: just go out and meet tons of them until things finally go somewhere.But these days, just from doing it enough that I'm adept now at reading women's signals, I'm able to largely sit back and wait for a girl I like who likes me too, and just her. Game is about taking women's existing initial interest or attraction in you, and steering it, amplifying it, and using it to make something happen.What I've learned with time by getting good at reading signals is it's next to impossible to talk a girl into liking you. However, by improving your fundamentals, you can vastly increase the odds that any individual woman responds well to you... How's all this tie into foreign girls and speaking a foreign language? When in the middle of the night I was awakened by the sound of squealing and grunting coming from the next room. Probably this animal came to a climax at the same time as me. I returned to the room to find out whether calmed sister and her boyfriend.

Barely a minute later I threw the contents of thick jets of my eggs in the bath.

I quickly got up and went into the bathroom and started stroking my dick hard as rock.

One of those books was by a guy named Roy Valentine.

After all, you can't very well talk to girls if you neither of you speaks the other's language... The guys who know the language struggle with moderate success, while men who can't even say "hello" are taking foreign girls to bed by the bushel. Back when I first discovered that there were these men out there who studied and systematically approached the art of meeting and succeeding with women, as I'd been endeavoring to do over the course of the year prior to this discovery, I fastbought a few books and read them in quick succession.

And in fact, what you'll generally find is, the most successful guys typically don't speak the girl's language, period. So step right up and listen while I tell you a few tales -- some of my own, and some the tales of a handful of the men I've met along the way...

To me, this was much simpler, and a lot more refreshing, than a lot of the other convoluted things I read. It was a big influence on my thought earlier on; bigger than the other books I read at the time.

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