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Diablo updating setup files

Our parts catalog includes items such as superchargers, exhausts, cold air intakes, body kits, front grilles, shifters, pedals, suspension kits, brakes, and much more.

We take that additional (and huge) step of designing packages that work well as a whole system.That's why we offer industry leading warranties on parts such as our 2011-2013 Mustang supercharger kit (part #421388) which comes with a 3 year / 36,000 mile limited parts warranty.This thead is intended to show you how to use this peice of equipment thru documentaion and videos. If you believe something needs to be added, deleted etc...Please let me or a Mod know and we will update this thread.I would like to keep this thread neat and clean for ease of use and searching Predator Support - U7135 U7135 Supported Applications U7135 Predator Applications: Vehicles Engine U7135U7135U7135U7135U7135U7135Chrysl er 300C5.7L DCX "Calibration Update" page CLICK HERE Support Index Instructions Downloads Documentation DCX "Calibration Update" page DCX Calibration Update Please click the appropriate link below which pertains to your DCX Calibration Update scenario: DCX Vehicle Update Instructions for Trinity DCX Vehicle Update Instructions ‐ Predator Already Updated because the tool itself needs an update.We have configured the Predator to be able to run the same update function as a dealerships equipment, so that you do not need to bring it in to them when the update is required.

However, the tools firmware (the software that controls it) may still need an update first.

To determine if the tools software is current, boot it up by plugging it in to power, and look at the code next to the word Predator on the main screen, it will read "v.#r##".

Compare this to the most recent revision on the Downloads page for your Predator to see if the unit is current.

If it is not, follow the instructions titled, "DCX Vehicle Update Instructions plus Revision Update".

Failure to do so may result in the loss of your saved original backup file and will require a trip to the dealer for a reflash in order to make the Predator work again.

If you attempt to update your Predator to the latest crom and it gives you a serial flash error message you will need to go back to 9r12.

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