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Dating in the 1940s

NT requires a 386 processor or greater and 8 Mb of RAM.For thebest NT performance, you have to use a 486 processor with about 16 Mb orhigher.

Also like NT, OS/2 performs best when you are using a powerful system.Many IBM-based PCs areshipped with OS/2 preinstalled.UNIX is a multi-user operating system that allows multipleusers to access the system.Traditionally, UNIX was run on a larger minicomputers to which users accessed the systems using terminals and not PC’s.When computers were firstintroduced in the 1940’s and 50’s, every program written had to provideinstructions that told the computer how to use devices such as the printer, howto store information on a disk, as well as how to perform several other tasksnot necessarily related to the program.The additional program instructions forworking with hardware devices were very complex, and time-consuming.

Programmers soon realized it would be smarter to develop one program that couldcontrol the computer’s hardware, which others programs could have used whenthey needed it. Today, operating systems control and manage theuse of hardware devices such as the printer or mouse.

They also provide diskmanagement by letting you store information in files. When IBM first released the IBM PC in 1981, IBM licensed DOSfrom Microsoft for use on the PC and called it PC-DOS.

The operating system alsolets you run programs such as the basic word processor. From the usersperspective, PC-DOS and MS-DOS are the same, each providing the samecapabilities and commands. Overthe past decade, DOS has undergone several changes.

Lastly, the operatingsystem provides several of its own commands that help you to use the computer.^ DOS is the most commonly used PC operating system. Each time the DOS developersrelease a new version, they increase the version number.

Windows NT (new technology) is an operating system developed by Microsoft.

NT is an enhanced version of the popular Microsoft Windows 3.0, 3.1programmes.

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