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Dating felons

Everyone deserves a fair chance and a second chance.That's the real question she should be asking HERSELF, no one else!

Actually, she is starting to build her own home & she lives with me. She's just having a little trouble getting back out there. And forging a check isn't a violent crime or drug crime though I'd be worried what else she has on her record.Judges don't usually give someone a 5 year sentence on a first offense unless it is really something big.She would have to have forged a $10,000 check and got away with it, then caught at some point.If it was just a small check then then she must have a longer record then that.The bigger thing I'd be worried about is her 5 years in jail. Lastly if you need reassurance, I'll give you the Seinfeld joke on dating.Women want guys to be doctors and have money or at least make sure they have a good job. She could be working at a slaughterhouse or waitressing at some cheap restaurant, if she's hot, men don't care. I can't speak for John, but as far as myself, I wouldn't date her because I wouldn't be able to trust her. Was it because she was poor and needed to pay the bills? " Was she having a problem with drugs, booze or gambling? WOW, you sound like you actually believe that there are legitimate excuses for breaking the law and ripping off people!?

I know two people who have been convicted for the very same thing and even though they've "paid their debt to society", I still wouldn't trust EITHER of them as far as I could throw them. A lot of wall street executives should be locked up including some cops, and lawyers and I wouldn't date them either. IMO, the reason the crime was committed is completely irrelevant.

They both have serious character flaws (hence the willingness to commit felonies). Some of the guys are more forgiving than I bet the women would be. Was it because she was poor and needed to pay the bills? " Was she having a problem with drugs, booze or gambling? I love it when people say this, " oh she's a really nice girl, but she's been a guest of the government for forgery" Yeah she sounds like a nice girl to me, listen i dont know the circumstances but locked up for 5 years is a bit harsh, she must of been doing some serious forgery To answer your question would I take her seriously and date her? The fact that he/she made a conscious decision to break the law is all that I need to know.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. She was locked-up for 5 years & has been out for almost 2 yr. Is it right to mock and make fun of a human being for what they did in the past, learnt from a mistake/s and now choose to try to fit into any kinda dating game!

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I would consider men to be very shallow if they treated her with no respect now.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Question is - old habits die hard....she willing to change now and not be tempted to take an easy way out?

She's done her time, paid the price and wants to start fresh - ofcourse she should be taken seriously.

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