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Dating catwoman

The introduction of Birds of Prey confirm that the Burton version of Batman and Catwoman are indeed the basis for the show and character.

After accomplishing this, Helena decided to continue to fight crime, under the code name "the Huntress." In the modern DC universe however; they have not.Batman has always felt connected to Catwoman, and has on many occassions helped her escape possible jail time and has also saved her from many deaths.Current DC stories, such as Heart of Hush, has shown that Batman;s one true love is Selina Kyle, the Catwoman.The short-lived "Bird of Prey" televsion show is also an alternate tiemlne version of the Batman/Catwoman love triangle which plays off of Tim Burton's Batman Returns, in which Catwoman gave birth to Helena Kyle.As a youth, she enjoyed a thorough education, as well as being trained by her parents, Batman and Catwoman, to become a superb athlete.As a young girl she was amazed to learn that her father was Batman and embraced Dick Grayson/Robin as her older brother. After finishing school, she joined the Law_firm of Cranston and Grayson, one of whose partners was Robin.

In 1976, criminal Silky Cernak blackmailed his old boss Selina Kyle into resuming action once again as Catwoman, an act which eventually led to her death.

Helena, deciding to bring Cernak to justice, created a costume for herself, fashioned some weapons from her parents' equipment (including her eventual trademark, Crossbow), and set out to bring him in.

This is in an alternate universe established in the early 1960s as the world where the Golden Age stories took place.

The Bronze Age of Comic Books Huntress was Helena Wayne, the daughter of the Batman(Earth-Two) and Catwoman.

Earth-Two was also the home of the Golden Age versions of various DC characters.

Helena was born in 1957 to Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle Wayne, and grew up enjoying the benefits of being in a wealthy household.

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