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Dating and sports performance

If every day people can take performance enhancers to heighten sexual experiences then why shouldn't athletes take performance enhancers to heighten their game? These performance enhancers were not known as steroids then.But athletes did not play for prestige or love of the game, these athletes played for money.

Money was the driving force behind a man desire to compete.Instead athletes ingested herbs and foods hoping to enhance their performance.Some athletes even ingested crushed sheep testicles, which are a known source of testosterone, to improve their performance.The use of performance enhancing drugs by modern day athletes began around 1954 with body builders.The Soviet body builders showed a strong performance at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, and at the World Weightlifting Championships the Soviets dominated most of the weight classes.John Ziegler, the team physician for the United States, questioned the doctor for the Soviets.

He said he was giving testosterone injections to the athletes.

There was a rumor that discarded syringes were found in the dressing rooms of the Soviets.

Every sports fan wants to see their favorite team win.

Of course the athletes do not want to let their fans down.

Yet, why do so many athletes take performance-enhancing drugs, so they can throw 95-mph fastballs and hit homeruns into San Francisco Bay, just to please their fans? Is society's pressure for greater entertainment cause enough for athletes to take performance-enhancing drugs, risking everything in the process?

Is the pressure from society so strong that athletes need that edge to excite the crowds? Steroid use dates back to the early Olympic Games in Ancient Greece.

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