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Dating a former anorexic

In any case, one recent prompt to write about this was a message from a reader who is trying to resist comparing her food intake with that of various female members of her family, who practise various diet-related habits in the interests of eating ‘healthily’.

For some time now, I’ve felt as though I have been eating healthily.When I have this thought, I do so of course in the context of my history of anorexia.By this I don’t mean, however, that the statement is merely relativised: .Rather, a history of clinically disordered eating perhaps entails qualitatively different parameters for its opposite, healthy eating, than apply to the wider population.However, there are many similarities too; it’s by no means the case, I think, that sufferers from eating disorders are destined always to eat differently from others.It would be hard to maintain this whilst also believing (and presenting evidence for the fact that) full recovery from eating disorders is possible.

Clinical surveys vary in their assessment of the long-term prognosis for anorexia—and indeed defining recovery is problematic in itself—but a review of relevant studies ten years ago suggested that more than 50 percent of sufferers fail to recover fully.

Nonetheless, that means that nearly 50 percent (46.9 percent) do recover fully.

We might argue about definitions, but I suppose people know when they are fully recovered, if not exactly when they make the transition—certainly I’m quite sure.

Perhaps in fact there’s only really one different parameter when it comes to healthy eating specifically for former anorexics, and this can be summed up as: . (I apologise in advance for the length of this post; it just ended up needing this much space.) A word first about why I’m writing this post.

I was about to say that in some ways it goes a little beyond the remit of the blog, since it’ll include elements of nutritional science and will focus more on life post-recovery than on anorexia itself—but then I realised that this isn’t atypical of my posts more generally, and can hardly be thought of as way off-topic.

So I’ll dispense with such caveats—although I’ll talk a little more about my hesitation later on.

Profile for dating a former anorexic:

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