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Dating a capricorn male

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Whether you check your horoscope for fun or advice, there is no doubt that sometimes the information hits close to home.But while I've had lots of negatives and snarky comments about the other signs, I have to admit this is one of my favorite male astrological signs and I can't really say too many negatives about dating a Capricorn man.Sure, they have their faults, and I've never managed to have a successful relationship with a single one of them, but I reckon that was probably more to do with me than them.The first totally crushing breakup I ever had was the first time I'd been dumped, and that was by a Capricorn.Comparing characteristics between two signs has the potential to predict relationship compatibility.Capricorn males are said to be very ambitious and strong-willed, which makes them put success over almost everything else.

Aries women generally have breezy dispositions but they can also be headstrong, which can lead to clashes.

Here we have the Capricorn man installment of my tongue in cheek, astrological dating articles.

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