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Christian dating website scams

The woman wired an additional $200,000 at his request, but someone in her life intervened and reported the incident to authorities.Upon an investigation by the Santa Clara County District Attorney's office, authorities realized it was a scam and traced the transactions back to an email address in Nigeria.

So-called "sweetheart scams" like this are becoming increasingly common on dating websites.Today’s online dating scammers will find the right targets to fool by forming a long-term emotional and romantic connection which will eventually turn into a money vacuum.Staying safe from these scammers is easy, as long you keep yourself updated and knowledgeable on these scams. The most common is romance scams, where scammers create a very convincing profile on a dating site using fake pictures and information.Read on to learn how to not fall for the online dating scam. These con artists then dedicate themselves to building romantic relationships with dating site users and establishing trust.The woman, who wished to remain anoynmous, recently told a local ABC affiliate in San Jose, Calif.that she met the crook on the dating website Christian Mingle.

The man claimed to be an oil rig worker from the UK and showed his interest in the woman by sending her flowers and text messages.

The woman agreed, dipping into her retirement fund to send the man $300,000.

Back in November a man in Utah named Carl Estep was sent to prison after scamming two women out of $300,000 using what the authorities called a "romance scam."Decide how much control you want, advises Web MD.

Some sites, such as Match, let you decide who you can meet, while other sites, such as e Harmony, suggest potential dates for you.

Also check the costs, and don't ignore smaller, more regional sites.

Internet dating scams are as old as the internet and become more proficient and creative with time.

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