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California food product dating

(b) “Bakery” means any place where bread, crackers, pasta or pies, or any other food product for which flour or meal is the principal ingredient, are baked, cooked or dried, or prepared or mixed for baking, cooking or drying, for sale as food.(c) “Bottling establishment” means any place where drinking water, soda water beverage or alcohol beverage is manufactured or bottled for sale.

“Bottling establishment” does not include a retail establishment engaged in the preparation and sale of beverages under a license issued under s.“Food processing” does not include any of the following: 3. The receipt and salvaging of distressed food for sale or use as food if the food is received, salvaged and used solely by a charitable organization and if contributions to the charitable organization are deductible by corporations in computing net income under (h) “Food processing plant” means any place where food processing is conducted.The retail preparation and processing of meals for sale directly to consumers or through vending machines if the preparation and processing is covered under a restaurant permit or other permit issued under s. “Food processing plant” does not include any establishment subject to the requirements of s.97.30 or any restaurant or other establishment holding a permit under s.254.64, to the extent that the activities of that establishment are covered by s. 254.64., no person may operate a food processing plant without a valid license issued by the department for that food processing plant.A license expires on March 31 annually, except that a license issued for a new food processing plant on or after January 1 but before April 1 expires on March 31 of the following year.

Each food processing plant shall have a separate license.

A license is not transferable between persons or locations.

125.26 or 125.51 or a restaurant permit or other permit issued under s. (f) “Drinking water” means water used or intended for use for human consumption.

“Drinking water” includes distilled water, artesian water, spring water and mineral water, whether carbonated or uncarbonated, if consumed by humans or intended for human consumption.

(g) “Food processing” means the manufacture or preparation of food for sale through the process of canning, extracting, fermenting, distilling, pickling, freezing, baking, drying, smoking, grinding, cutting, mixing, coating, stuffing, packing, bottling or packaging, or through any other treatment or preservation process.

“Food processing” includes the activities of a bakery, confectionary or bottling establishment, and also includes the receipt and salvaging of distressed food for sale or use as food.

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