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Break the ice online dating

, men tire of rejection and don’t want to bother women who aren’t interested.

This article discusses breaking the ice with men online. Most female online daters wait for men to contact them.“But if He Were Interested in Me, He Would Have Contacted Me!” If he only had a handful of women to choose from, I agree with this.But when a guy has literally thousands of women to sort through, this excuse doesn’t fly.And research has shown that we are much more interested in people who are interested in us.In many cases, this strategy works, to a point – many men have little problem emailing, winking, or otherwise contacting you first.

However, the problem with this is that quantity isn’t always quality: you get men who don’t fit your criteria at all, men who write canned emails and send them to everyone, and men who just don’t interest you.

And, as in the offline world, men tire of writing emails to women who aren’t interested or who don’t reply back.

Often, a man welcomes interest from a woman and feels flattered that she would seek him out and make contact, even if she isn’t his type.

Once you try it and see that it works, you won’t go back to that passive sit-and-wait philosophy.

And no more of that I-don’t-chase-men stuff – you aren’t chasing anyone, you’re simply creating an opportunity. Pick some men who you like and whose criteria you fit, or nearly fit, and send an email that has the following: I enjoyed reading your profile.

That’s great that you’ve done two Ironman triathlons – which ones have you done?

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