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Blind dating actori

Thankfully, the practice died out during the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

I've heard justification for the practice of "blindface" by saying things like, "if they hadn't used that [sighted] actor, that amazing performance would never have happened." While that may be true, who knows if an alternate actor might have given an equally amazing performance, and possibly not have used the clichéd zombie stare.Named after the Will Smith film about a romantic guru who helps singles find love, the idea for the app was inspired after founder Anton Gu met a mutual friend one night but felt too bashful to ask his chums for her number.'The next day I was sitting at home, thinking how could I get in touch with her.Short of asking our mutual friend for her number and being like “Hey, I’m that guy at the gig last night, I’d like to take you out”, I had nothing. Matchmaking is popular in their culture, people understand the concept straight away and tell their friends about it.I was willing to give it leeway in the area of realism. And to be fair, JK Simmons, who plays the blind dad, does get a lot of the details right.I like that he has a complex character: a career, a family, a love-life.While the practice of blindface may not overtly intend to be stereotypical, it ends up doing that very thing. They humrously drive cars, and sentimentally feel others' faces.

Blindness is often the central meme, whether creating angst or conflict or even a superhuman "overcoming" of great magnitude. The trouble is that these stereotypes are all most people ever know about blind people. (The script for this one absolutely cracked me up; they poked fun at some of the experiences that blind people have daily. Correction: I'm told he wasn't famous when he made this.

Blind people can't just bee normal; they have to be a seer or an inspiration or angry and bitter. I still smile at the overdramatic young woman wearing a blindfold and gushing, "I just want to feel what you feel! I knew who he was when it came out, if I remember right, but he wasn't yet a superstar.

He is more than the flat, one-dimensional "blind guy" you so often see on the screen.

I also watched an interview with JK Simmons, detailing the things he had to learn in order to play a blind character.

Like most people, he had very little exposure to blind people, and what he did know was from movies, and from the writer of the show, whose dad is blind.

He's a sighted actor playing a blind character, imitating other sighted actors playing blind characters.

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