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Adrian pasdar dating

If you didn't know they were brothers, you'd think they're a gay couple.It's the same vibe I get from Tom & Kyle Baldwin of "The 4400". First off, I fail to see why they're in a photo shoot together, since Adrian's character is dead.

In the photos he looks ten years younger, not 20 pounds lighter; I suspect Botox and plugs are the main reasons for the change in appearance. Milo and Adrian are totally close, and very affectionate with one another, and it makes me HARD! I hate that they are brothers on "Heroes"- they should be luvahs!The funniest thing ever would be that the people accused of being Prancing Ponies re the Hobbits should ever be right. Thought it was interesting when Milo was talking about nudity he did in a drama class and how his FEMALE teacher was impressed..I thought he was a kid but a imdb checks says he is 30 AND 5ft 9in( which probably makes him 2 inches shorter). R91 -Why would it be interesting that a female teacher is impressed with a student? Do you think he put on a better performance because the teacher was female?Did he imply that his female teacher was so impressed that she hit on him?Adrian Pasdar • Andrew Howard • Bill Paxton • BJ Britt • Blair Underwood • Christine Adams • Constance Zimmer • David Conrad • Dichen Lachman • Edward James Olmos • J."R4, I do not watch Heros and I am not a woman so I have to say Adrian is beyond stunning.

I NEVER would have recognized him."Adrian has been a working actor, and famously hot long before Heroes. You're NEARLY there r15 but to do it properly you need to go:no, they are straight alright, thats universally accepted by 100% outside dl and so is wentworth, jake um hayden, don't blame me they end up with women they just do! 11111They look like 2 grooms about to be married (to each other)!

I'm sure the producers of the show intentionally make them very touchy-feely with each other.

After watching a few episodes of Heroes was thinking producers/creators of show had some kind of hot brother incest fetish but NOW I'm thinking it is coming from the actor's attraction for one another... Guess it�s time to realize that this is the new way of whoring = making money.

Guys, welcome to a whole new experience, the playing and harvesting all groups phenomenon. A little ambiguity has never failed and the gay crowd is easy to please. Because from watching that vid, it does seem like that would be the logical next set of frames.

Open your hearts and your wallets and embrace your dream-makers, they will do their best to inspire your phantasy, just as long as you don�t threaten their making money off all target groups, not just the gay one.... The physical intimacy/tenderness displayed for those few moments between Milo and Adrian does shout "we're fucking". Well that could be true r89 but the facade could hide the (gay) truth as well, wrapped in cynicism.

Then you send a load of flaks onto the internet to tell people what to think and that the gays are being played and bingo. The gays will go back to believeing they are being messed around by the powers that be.

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